BCS Apprenticeship Forums

BCS is hosting a consortium of key apprenticeship providers who work with BCS on their Trailblazer apprenticeships.  Meeting on a monthly basis, we will drive the market to uptake the new standards and complete the development of the programmes.

This is an opportunity to engage with this community, drive a market focus on quality and diversity, and discuss the ongoing changes within BCS and in the wider apprenticeship space.  For BCS this will enable us to keep Partners informed of the work we are doing, and gain feedback on how we can add more value to the ecosystem.

The dates for these events, running at the BCS London office are:

– Wednesday 31st August 2016
– Tuesday 15th November 2016
– Wednesday 14th December 2016
– Wednesday 25th January 2017
– Wednesday 22nd February 2017
– Wednesday 29th March 2017.

If you wish to attend any of these events, please contact the Partner Team at bcs.partners@bcs.uk for availability.