Provider Forum – Certificate in Computer Science Teaching

A report on the recent forum, held at BCS London.

The inaugural forum for the Certificate in Computer Science Teaching was held at the BCS London office on 31st January 2017.  Hosted by the L&D Product Manager, Nadine Vaillant Hill and BCS Partners, the event welcomed representatives from universities, Dr Sue Sentence (who created the certificate), and members of Computing At School (CAS).

This forum is designed to explore the requirements of universities and schools to integrate the certificate in their PGCE courses or their CPD needs.  It is completely separate from the Certificate Steering Group, that concentrates on the methods of assessment and standards of the certificate.

Nadine gave a presentation on the history of the certificate and how it is designed as a professional certification.  She demonstrated the methods a teacher could use to obtain the certificate, and the numbers already in process, or completed in the UK and internationally.

The forum agenda, slide deck and discussion notes are attached.  For more information on the certificate, please contact Nadine Vaillant Hill at